Our Guidelines


EGB research was born in 2016 as an innovative start-up, with a strong expertise in the mechanics applied to vehicles and to internal combustion engines, thus playing a leading role in the market.

EGB research was set up in order to respond to the recent changes in the global market and to face new challenges that can be win only by betting on research and innovation.

In recent years, the time of development innovative processes and manufacturing new products has been drastically reduced and the trend in the near future is to be faster and faster.

EGB research, through a constant research, innovation and development activity, has been able to match the market expectations by setting up the current cutting-edge processes above described.

EGB Research is focused on:

  • Theoretical research
  • Research and implementation of advanced materials
  • Innovative products
  • Innovative processes
  • Products development
  • Processes development

EGB research is committed to manage and control every step of manufacturing process, from its concept to production line.

In EGB research premises, you will find design offices, workshop, engine test bench, flushing test bench, sound level meter and any  other specific tools allowing EGB research staff to build prototypes, make small batch productions and out of standard items.

Due to the recent deep changes in the market, EGB research had the chance to open new fields of research for integrated vehicles, such as, for instance, hybrid vehicles. Moreover, EGB research can develop any existing unit by customizing it upon clients’ request.

Main Customers: