Turbulence Enhancers

This project moved by an innovative concept worked out by EGB in order to improve the performance of catalytic converter used in the internal combustion engine exhaust systems. Currently, catalytic converters are the most sensitive, complicated and expensive part of exhaust systems. Therefore, improving their quality and use, will be really eco-friendly during all cycles of life of a product. Later on, this concept was discussed in a full degree thesis in which we dealt with theoretical sides, simulation test, and very positive results analysis, that are:
• Engine performance increase
• Surface catalyst covered increase
• Reduced light-off time
• Better combustion quality
• Better Hydrocarbons reduction
Our next goal will be to apply for a patent.

Formula SAE

We were chosen by the team of Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Perugia for the design of their single-seater car racing in Formula SAE.

BMW C650 Sport/GT

Our mission was the design and the full development of the whole exhaust system of all vehicles manufactured by BMW Motorrad for Urban Mobility market.
We started with a “blank sheet” to reach the market with a strongly innovated product optimizing sound reduction only by working on “absorption” principle.
This concept is at the heart of weight reduction and constructive simplification of the whole system; thus leading to a significant environmental impact reduction during the whole product lifespan.
We also had a specific care for “aesthetic” details considering the high-end level of manufacturer.

2 Stroke Engines

We are also fully committed to the continuous development of two stroke engines.
As they have a simple construction structure, they are essential in the “light weight” trade for both simple vehicles and operating machinery.
We have different open projects designed to improve this kind of projectile motors by reducing major critical issues.